The World of ICBL

ICBL is a conference format designed for scientists with common interest in lipid research. It was founded more than 50 years ago and is a prominent forum for the exchange of ideas, communication of novel developments and discussion of a broad variety of aspects related to lipid bioscience. ICBL is proud of attracting colleagues from all
continents to the frontiers of lipid research presented and discussed during the conferences. Another major aim of ICBL is supporting research of young scientist, giving them the opportunity to meet renowned scientists, and thus providing the scientific inspiration for future careers in lipid research.

The Conferences

Each year ICBL offers the lipid community to meet at venues organized by groups representing a center of lipid research. Most conferences are held in Europe, but in its long-standing history ICBL has also visited Israel,  Japan and the United States. During these conferences, experts in the field present and discuss most recent developments in lipid bioscience. Traditionally, the warm and friendly atmosphere of ICBL has always been a melting pot for fruitful collaborations between laboratories and close personal relationships. Attendants also enjoy an appealing social program and the culture of the host cities which includes sightseeing tours for accompanying persons, and the traditional half day excursion and congress dinner for all. The next ICBL will be held in Chamonix, France, 4 - 8 September 2016. We expect an appealing conference with many well-known plenary speakers and leading researchers in the field of lipid biochemistry, biology and technology from all over the world. More information about ICBL 2016 and the upcoming events can be found on this web site.